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"Helping you create a safe environment
for family, employees and customers!"

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"Helping you create a safe environment
for family, employees & customers!"

"Helping you create a safe environment
for family, employees & customers!"

37 years of Law Enforcement & Private Security experience!

The idea of creating a private security company with an integrity first focus, is extremely rare enough. It could only have been the brainchild of Ken Melancon.

Ken envisioned providing every important private security service that any individual or business could require, but realized First Response Solution™ couldn’t be brought to life immediately.

He knew the company founder needed to be fully experience, so he made that priority one.

Where did it lead him? By 2004, he graduated from FBI National Academy class # 216.

The side benefit of being FBI trained was Ken gained access to FBI infrastructure for Harris County Sheriff’s office, where he worked, but there was a long term plan for private security too.

Ken graduated from Harris County Sheriff’s Office Academy in 1988. And climbed all the ay through the ranks.

It was while he was working as a then Captain in that Sheriff’s office that he conducted the press conference after the tragic Lone Star College shooting of 2013 (see picture above) and was also quoted in this CNN article.

Ken later achieved the status of Commander and, during his 33 years of service. He also received many awards before eventually taking an honorable retirement.

He was finally ready to put 100% of his time into his already running private security company before he got one more call to serve. This time for Galveston County!

The following is the list of law enforcement awards and accreditations Ken received during his long career of service with Harris County (that were not already mentioned):

Law Enforcement Awards & Accreditations

  • Recipient of the State of Texas Law Enforcement Award of Valor
  • Recipient of the Houston 100 Club Officer of the Year
  • Recipient of the Houston Chapter of the American Society Officer of the Year
  • Recipient of multiple awards for North Channel Officer of the Month
  • Masters Peace Officers Certificate
  • TCLEOSE Instructors Certificate 

Ken accepted an offer to temporarily return to public life and be of service to Galveston County, due to their shortage of officers with his experience, which includes:

Law Enforcement Experience

This is a partial list. For his complete CV, that includes all of his Law Enforcement and Private Security experience, click here.

  • In his 35th year as a Law Enforcement officer
  • Currently; Chief of Galveston County Constables Office, Precinct 4
  • 33 years with Harris County Sheriff’s office (retired as Commander)
  • Captain (2012) — General Investigations Division Commander; managed 187 law enforcement officers who were also Criminal Investigators!
  • Captain & HIDTA Deputy Commander / Task Force Division Commander
  • Lieutenant / Deputy Commander (2008)
  • Lieutenant (2004) 

The above is a partial list of Ken’s Law Enforcement achievements.

Private Security Experience

All those listed with a highlight color are current clients: 

  • Kemah Boardwalk a Tilman Fertitta / Landry’s Business (2021)
  • Hometown Bank and Trust (2021)
  • Inspire Church Houston (2018)
  • Valley at Cobb Apartments (2018)
  • Villa Americana Apartments (2018)
  • Settegast Heights Apartments (2012)
  • Valobra Master Jeweler – personal & business protection (2012)
  • Higland Village Ferari Events (2012)

Private Security experience

  • Club Tequila (2015)
  • Club Stampede (2015)
  • Haverstck Hill Apartment (2000 – 2018)
  • Club Escapade (2004 – 2018)
  • Oaks Of Woodforest Apartments (1991)
  • South Thorntree Apartment (2000)
  • Gordons Jewelry (1998)
  • Country Side Village Apartments (1998)
  • The Junction Country Bar (1995)
  • Show Downs Country Bar (1995)
  • JW Liquor Store (1994)
  • Sunrise Superstore (1994)
  • Summit Point Apartment (1991)
  •  Northshore Highschool (1989)
  • Cunninghan Middleschool (1989)
  • San Jacinto Mall (1988)
  • Aldine Movie Theaters (1988)
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