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CCPA & Data Requests

This web page ensures that First Response Solution, LLC complies with privacy laws outside of Texas, as well as those within the State.

In the event that someone from outside the State should have Private Security needs in Texas or, say, be moving to the Houston area from California and be looking for a job, this page is important.

CCPA is the California Consumer Protection Act and Data Requests refer to the data we collect while you are at this site, which is also your Personal Information.

Through this webpage, you can request a copy of any personal data we collected as a result of you using this website. You can also choose to have us delete such data, which is your right.

The form below is designed so that you can tell us: (A) who you are so that we can manually search our database, and; (B) what you wish us to do (delete your personal information or provide you with a copy of it).

You can also choose to read our privacy policy here.

All of our data is cross-referenced by email or mobile phone number. We will need both below to comply with any request.

Should you request us to delete or provide a copy of your personal information, please allow 14 days for us to comply. Here is the form;

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