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Would you like to apply for a job as a Security Officer in Houston, Texas? You are on the right web page!

Would you also like to know the various qualifications needed to get a job with a private security company? Those details are below also.

First, due to the pandemic, we do not provide a method to apply in person for a job as a security officer (for health reasons). Instead, all job applications need to be completed online.

Then, when we reach the final interview process, we will set a time to meet with you.

Step #1: Complete the form below. You will then receive an automated email confirmation that we received your application with your contact information.

STEP #2: Expect a reply within days. Even if we are not interested in hiring an applicant, we contact everyone who applies

Our initial follow-up is a personalized email. This second email should not be confused with the automated email that notifies you that we received your job application.

The personalized email notifies you if we wish to schedule a phone interview or not. 

You should not expect to receive the personalized email on weekends. We ask that you are patient during these challenging times for us to reply.

Many security jobs require qualifications. Below the job application form are some of the prerequisites training you may wish to acquire to help you earn more income in the security industry and even secure a job. We trust this helps you.

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Apply for a Security Officer position

Qualifications for Private Security
and Security Guard Jobs

There is a difference between an unarmed security guard, like those in a commercial complex or manning a security desk, and a body guard